Destructuring Parameters in Ember.Helpers

With the recent release of Ember.js version 1.13 comes support for a new API for declaring helpers.

Migrating FormKeep to ember-cli-rails

We've recently finished migrating FormKeep's administrative dashboard from using the ember-rails gem to ember-cli-rails.

Embracing Ember: Routes

Modal dialogs are a common UI component often used to draw attention to vital pieces of information.

Contributing to Big Bad Open Source

Contributing to open source software can be scary. We all want to help sharpen our tools, but most of us don't know where to start.

Use Git Hooks to Automate Necessary but Annoying Tasks

Certain tasks like updating dependencies or migrating a database must be done after pulling code or checking out a branch. Other tasks such as re-indexing our ctags improve our development experience. Both kinds of tasks are easy to forget to do and are therefore error-prone. To address the problem, we've recently added a standard, extensible set of git hooks to our dotfiles in order to automate necessary, but annoying tasks.

Remote Rails Commands with Recap-Console

Run rails (db)console commands with Recap.

Paperclip Location

Pulling geo-location from photos with Rails has never been easier.